Our mission is to support our teachers, families and school through community-building events, classes, services and more.

2019/2020 PTA Board

  • Jason Jones, PTSA President,
  • Kathy Osborne, PTSA Vice President
  • Jennifer Sommerville, PTSA secretary
  • Eric Soskil, PTSA treasurer

Facebook page: LEMS

There are many events that happen every year that the PTSA funds in part or fully. Some events we try to assist in funding is Chesapeake Shakespeare Theater Grant that our English Teachers win for our 8th graders. The kids have a one-of-a-kind memorable experience learning about Shakespeare that we hope to carry on as an 8th grade tradition. We would like to be able to assist with the Science Olympiads registration fees, provide meals for our hard-working staff, and to identify and advocate for any other needs.

We also assist with graduation related assemblies, guest speakers, parent-oriented, community-building events with our kids such as movies, bingo nights and dances.

These programs can’t happen without the fundraising PTA holds.