We Won a Grant!

We need your help! We don’t want your kids to miss this opportunity. We have won a grant to have the Chesapeake Shakespeare Company work with our children during the Shakespeare unit for an entire week!
They will read, act, engage and spark interest (passion?!) in a unit that many can find boring. They will help them create a Shakespeare skit to perform for us. And our kids will have an opportunity to see them perform at one of their shows. While this is focused on 8th graders, this grant is something we can continue to RECEIVE EACH YEAR if we can pull this off. We need to raise $1500 for our part of the grant.

**How Can You Help?**

There is an 8th grade t-shirt fundraiser. This event will receive $5/shirt for each one purchased. Order forms were sent home with all 8th graders. You can also download it here.
Deadline to buy February 16th. Contact Ashley_Riley@hcpss.org to order.


If you are not in the 8th grade but want to ensure your student will have the same opportunity, you can donate directly to us on our website  and make a note that it’s for the Shakespeare Grant. You can also reach out to our English teacher, Ashley_Riley@hcpss.org with a check.